California Designers Choice

Getting "Creative"


There are a couple of possible scenarios in getting the design process started. If we are working with a new structure or space that doesn’t exist at the moment, we will need a set of plans as well as any pictures you may have collected that reflect elements of what you like. We will meet with you in our showroom/design center to transfer your plans, thoughts, ideas and visions into a working drawing using our state of the art software and years of experience. If you are remodeling an existing space, we will meet with you first at your home to take measurements as well as get a feel for the surroundings so that we can better coordinate the space, new and old. Then we will generate a preliminary plan and invite you to come to our showroom to view and fine tune your cabinetry. Since we produce only truly custom cabinets, we can make a perfect fit for your space every time. The more information you can provide us, the more accurate we can be when generating drawings and estimates. Kitchens typically have the most elements that we need to establish in order to create an accurate design. Appliances are very important for space planning. The more homework you do in researching which appliances work best for your style of cooking, cleaning and refrigeration as well as what fits into your budget, the more refined we can make your design.


As our name suggests, we specialize in helping interior designers develop unique cabinetry for your clients. We will either take your conceptual drawings and fine tune them or help you develop drawings that can be presented to your clients. We have the attitude that our showroom is your showroom and encourage you to bring your clients in to meetings or to help with visual elements that we may have here. We have an extensive display of door styles, materials and finishes to help put the whole package together.


We constantly work with contractors on remodels as well as new construction projects. In either case we will meet with you and/or your client in our showroom to help develop your clients vision as well as get you the working drawings you need to make sure everything is in the right place the first time. Many times the blueprints or plans can be improved upon for better function as well as visual effect. We always take a personal approach in making your client comfortable with the choices they make as well as helping you create a finished product that you are proud to show off. As we all know, that also leads to more jobs. We have become the exclusive cabinet maker for many contractors in Southern California. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing we have provided the level of quality, service and price point needed for them not to look anywhere else for their custom cabinetry needs.